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About UTR Property Management

At UTR Property Management, we are landlords and property owners ourselves! What started out with one initial, personal rental property 10 years ago has grown into a healthy, mid-sized and  locally owned Austin property management outfit with multiple units under management.  We know the benefits and challenges  of owning rental property first-hand because we have been there and done that! We have worked with dream tenants and easy lease processes, and we have dealt with late payments, property damage and evictions.  At UTR, we have had our fair share of experiences to combine our “book” knowledge with hands-on practical experience to perfect the science & art of managing and maintaining your property.

UTR Property Management is an effective, technologically advanced real estate asset management firm. Our goals are to:

  1. Share our knowledge and experience with you; benefit from the mistakes we’ve made and the lessons we learned.
  2. Relieve you from the day-to-day hassle of property management giving you the freedom and time to focus on your life, career and/or family .
  3. Be the valuable third party intermediary able to  streamline the leasing process, systemize ongoing repair and routine maintenance work while optimizing on-time rent collection.

Lean back and let your asset work for you.

UTR currently manages single-family homes, duplex and fourplex units to multifamily apartment complexes comprising over 200 units in the greater Austin area.